Extreme Heat! Sunday forecast update #alwx @wvua23

7 Day -10PM SHOW.pngWell I hope everyone got to enjoy their Sunday afternoon safely and in plenty of AC! A heat advisory is in effect here in portions of central Alabama and was supposed to expire at 9pm this evening but now has been extended into the day tomorrow as well. Highs tomorrow will reach into the upper 90s with feels like temperatures to touch into the 100s around 105-110. This will be the same case for the day on Tuesday as well. Mostly sunny skies won’t help relief the heat either. We are seeing drier mid levels in the atmosphere which is keeping our rain chances to a minimal and moisture is lingering at the surface causing dewpoints to remain in the mid to upper 70s. This is what helps boost the heat index and make it feel much hotter than it is.

Tonight we will see partly cloudy skies and stay dry for the evening. Temperatures will sit in the mid 70s to start your Monday. Be on the look out until Wednesday for an excessive heat warning to be issued. This is going to be a possibility both Monday and Tuesday so take extra precautions for the day. Wear light colors and loose fitting clothes, hydrate with water, and be sure to take breaks from the outdoors.

Wednesday low pressure moves back into the state and a cold front will sweep through as well giving us some uplift and moisture to bring showers and thunderstorms back into your forecast. The best rain coverage will be on Wednesday and the rest of the work week looks to remain pretty isolated showers and thunderstorms.

Danielle Davis