Warmer Weather Heading Our Way – Saturday Afternoon Forecast #alwx @wvua23

7 day 1027.JPG

Well good Saturday afternoon! Our weather started off kind of gloomy today and very chilly with winds around 5-10 mph today. Eventually the sun decided to peak out today and we warmed up close to 65 degrees for today. For tonight, temperatures will be in the upper 40s, so if you haven’t yet, tonight would be a good night to knock the dust off of the heater! Expect mostly clear conditions as well for tonight.

For Sunday, a beautiful but warmer day is in store for us with temperatures in the upper 70s. Some places could even see the low 80s tomorrow! Sunny conditions all day tomorrow as well. The sunny conditions will persist into Wednesday, but we introduce rain chances Wednesday night so heads up to all of you trick-or-treaters out there, you might see a small rain shower.

The rain chances will continue into Thursday as well as a slight cold front will be sweeping through the state of Alabama, but it won’t be dropping our temperatures down drastically. By Friday we’ll be in the mid 60s, and start to dry out as we head towards next weekend.

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