Cooler Weather Headed Our Way – Sunday Forecast Update @wvua23 #alwx


Good Sunday evening, everyone! We experienced another gorgeous day here in central Alabama with clear skies and slightly warmer temperatures. For tonight, our temperatures will back off into the mid to upper 60s, with a partly cloudy sky.

For Monday, a more summer like day will be in store for us as temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s in some areas. Partly cloudy skies stick around, along with a very slim chance to see an afternoon rain shower. Clouds will increase as we head towards Tuesday. Tuesday will be a cloudy sky with scattered showers in the forecast.  There is also a greater chance to experience a passing rain shower, but most areas will continue to remain dry. A cold front will be sweeping across the state of Alabama come Tuesday night, and cool our temperatures down into the upper 60s for Wednesday.

As for the remainder of the week, temperatures continue to remain average for this time of year. It looks like fall is here to stay for a while! Our greatest chance to see widespread looks to be Saturday, with about a 70% chance of rain. The rain will cool our temperatures down a bit as well.

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Emily Owen

Facebook: Emily Owen

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