Local Forecast and Tropical Storm Michael Update… 7pm @wvua23 #alwx

210232_5day_cone_no_line_and_windGood Sunday! It is hot when you step out the door but fortunately it is not as sticky and oppressive this afternoon. Temperatures are in the upper 80s right now.

Tonight temperatures will drop into the upper 60s and it will be an overall mild evening with a calm wind and, like the day, a little drier than what we’ve been seeing the past few weeks.

Monday highs are in the low 90s with a small chance for some showers in the early evening hours. Tuesday is when the rain starts to become more widespread and by Wednesday we have a tropical system that is likely to be moving into Alabama.

The storm has now moved into a tropical storm category and is now named Michael. By early Tuesday morning Michael is predicted to intensify to a category 1 hurricane and possibly a 2 before it makes landfall in the Gulf more on the Panhandle of Florida. We won’t see a huge impact from the storm in central Alabama but we will see some heavier rain and some gusty winds (not hurricane strength). Don’t make any plans to go to Orange Beach Tuesday-Thursday because they will experience some storms surge and stronger winds with rip currents.

After the storm moves through models today are showing a pretty good decrease in temperatures. They aren’t quite in sync with how much cooler yet but expect temperatures in at least the upper 70s, lower if we are lucky!

Danielle Davis