Severe Thunderstorm Warning – Northern Lamar & Marion Counties (2:55PM 2/28/2018 Update)


Far northern stretches of Lamar County near Detriot are now include in a severe thunderstorm warning until 3:30PM… Areas near Hamilton, Detroit, Henson Springs, Byrd, and Pikeville are included in this new severe thunderstorm warning polygon.

Much of central Marion County is also included in a separate Severe Thunderstorm Warning due to a separate storm.

Damaging winds and hail will be possible with these storms. We note that minor rotation is happening high in the atmosphere. For now, this rotation remains weak enough that a tornado warning has not been issued by the National Weather Service in Birmingham.

Spinks Megginson

WVUA Weather

Storms Across Northwest Alabama (2:50PM 2/27/2018 Update)


Showers and thunderstorms are happening across northwest Alabama this afternoon… Storms in northern Lamar and Marion counties have had minor rotation aloft in the last hour and we note that a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for northeastern Marion County (including Hackleburg) and also northern Lamar County…

Severe Thunderstorm Warning – Marion County (2:20PM 2/28/2018 Update)

dopHamilton and Hackleburg in Marion County, AL are now under a severe thunderstorm warning till 2:45PM… The National Weather Service in Birmingham noted a bounded weak echo region (BWER), indicating the possibility of damaging winds and minor rotation.

No travel is advised over the next few minutes along US43 from Hamilton to Hackleburg… Heavy rain and gusty winds likely.

Spinks Megginson

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