Drying Monday; Sunshine Returning. Sunday Forecast Update, 7:40pm. #wxal @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.png

Good Sunday evening! We were lucky here in central Alabama to slide through last night without a single severe thunderstorm and tornado warning. That said, we weren’t able to avoid the rain. Rain has lasted almost all day and will keep on through tonight. Plan on cool temps that will hardly fluctuate in the 50’s.

Monday will start our work week with a few showers in the morning; however, have no fear. That rain will be ending quickly, before lunchtime. After, clouds will stick into the afternoon, before starting to clear out. The plan is that we will see some sun return Monday afternoon before sunset. That night, skies continue to clear. Tuesday we will start with clear skies and temps climb to the low/mid 70’s. This warm up will be enjoyed for only a short period of time. Rain develops Tuesday night and will last into Wednesday when it will become heavier. On and off rain lasts through Wednesday, into Wednesday night. We do see a somewhat similar large scale set-up Wednesday night like what we encountered last night with a low pressure center over Missouri. Confidence is still low to mention any real specifics of severe weather. We will be watching this time though. After Wednesday night, rain slowly comes to an end Thursday. Dreary conditions, even with rain over, will last into early Thursday night before skies finally clear.

Friday and  next weekend look to be dry and a little cooler in the upper 60’s. These temperatures could trend warmer though with the ample sunshine then to help heat things up. We will have to wait and see exactly how warm it gets since we are still a few days away. But hey, at least it isn’t the 40’s.

Reggie Roakes
Twitter: @MetRoakes
Facebook: Meteorologist Reggie Roakes
Instagram: Reggie Roakes

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