Sunshine and Showers This Week… Forecast Update 4pm #alwx @wvua23

7 Day Forecast - Offset Lows - PMGood Wednesday afternoon. It was another warm day far surpassing previous records set across central Alabama. Tuscaloosa’s old record of 79 was beat today at 82. Birmingham’s old of 78 beat today by 81. Montgomery and Anniston have beat their old records by 4 degrees!

If you step outside you’ll notice it is breezy. Winds are around 6-12 mph and coming from the south. This means we are receiving moisture from the Gulf making dew points in the mid to upper 60s. What that means for you is that it feels more like late spring early summer outdoors right now.

Tonight there is a chance for showers so be sure to keep that raincoat by the door. Most showers will be later in the night after 10pm but afternoon showers are possible as well.

Tomorrow will be a mild day with partly cloudy skies. After some early showers the day will reach into the low 80s with another chance to beat a heat record. Friday though, will be the best day to enjoy outside with more sunshine expected and a smaller rain chance.

Saturday a front will move in a bring showers and storms for your weekend through Monday. By Tuesday you can expect highs to cool down a bit and sunshine to return.

Danielle Davis

Twitter: @danielledaviswx