Cloudy start to the week with more rain on the way… Sunday Forecast Update – 7:30pm #alwx @wvua23


After a rainy and cloudy weekend, we will see lower rain chances for the start of our work week.  We will be much warmer than average this week.  Temperatures on Monday will reach the lower 80s and we will likely see the sun only a few times in the afternoon.  A light passing drizzle cannot be ruled out for tomorrow either, and expect those temperatures to reach the lower 60s that night.

We will keep this warming trend for Tuesday as well, expect warm temperatures again and cloudy skies.  We start to see a bit of an increase in our rain chances Wednesday as a front will be hovering over northern Mississippi.  This will increase our cloud cover for Wednesday, making for a muggy and warm day.

Expect rain showers for Thursday as that front will be getting a bit closer to us.  It will not be powerful enough to effect the temperatures though.  Our highs for the remainder of the week will stay in the upper 70s, and the lows will be in that lower 60s range.  We will still have some pesky cloudiness for the weekend, as winds will stay out of the south, delivering some moisture to the area.