Cloudy and Warm days ahead… Saturday Forecast Update – 8:30pm #alwx @wvua23

7daymatt (1)

Good Saturday evening!  We are anticipating a cloudy and much warmer week here in T-town.  Temperatures at the beginning of the week will be in the lower 80s and our lows will only be in the mid to lower 60s.

Our rain chances will increase a little bit on Wednesday afternoon, as a weak front will be approaching but that will not knock the temperatures down too much.  The remainder of the week will bring temperatures in the lower to upper 70s.  So we will still be a good bit warmer than what we have been use to these past few weeks.

We cannot expect much sunshine to be in our grasp either.  Cloudy skies will be with us all week along with slight rain chances as we get closer to the weekend.  So plan for a cloudy and much warmer week!