Warmer Weather Ahead. Saturday Forecast Update, 6:00 PM. #wxal @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM

Good Saturday evening! We saw sunny skies and cool weather today, but this afternoon you may have been able to get away without the jacket for a few minutes. This evening, skies will remain clear with one more night of cool weather. Tomorrow, the weather pattern takes a shift and an inbound trough will cause winds to shift out of the south, helping bring the southern half of central Alabama into the lower 50’s. The remaining half of the state will warm to the mid to upper 40’s. Later Sunday evening, the inbound trough will bring rain with it. Rain will last through the night, into Monday.

Monday will start the work week off with most across central Alabama warming into the 50’s. Rain will last through most of the day, with a few periods of dry moments. Rain will also last into Monday night, but most in west Alabama will be dry as east Alabama catches the end of the trough’s exit.

Quickly after the trough’s exit, rather than a cool down coming, a high will build on the east coast, acting as a blaster to force in much warmer air from our south. Everyone’s wishes for warmer weather come true on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with much warmer air arriving. Temperature trends for this period of the forecast continue to get warmer, so we will keep watching this period to lock down the exact details for it. Despite the warm weather, we will see clouds hanging into the forecast, but we will also see a fair share of sunshine.

Thursday and Friday, a new trough digs south and brings a new round of rain. Current timing looks like most of the rain will come Thursday night, then gradually come to an end during the day Friday. This front will bring a cool down with it. By Saturday, Ol’Man Winter returns with highs currently looking to top off in the mid 40’s.

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