Nice Local Weather For Now… Update on Hurricane Irma… Thursday Forecast Update – 5:30pm #alwx @wvua23

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Good Thursday afternoon! Our weather has turned out really nice this afternoon, with lots of sunshine. Given the nature of dry air under a clear sky and calm wind, temperatures will drop fast night. Low to mid 50s are expected early Friday morning.

Friday through the weekend includes nice weather, with ample sunshine. Highs will reach the lower 80s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Humidity will also remain low. Lows at night will dip into the upper 50s to near 60. Friday night football will include temperatures falling into the 70s during game time after sunset.

Alabama’s home opener in Bryant-Denny Stadium will include perfect conditions. Temperatures at the 2:30pm kickoff will be in the low 80s, with middle 70s by the end of the game, as the sun begins to set.


It’s clearly the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, as we now have 3 hurricanes in the tropics. Katia is a category 1 in the western Gulf, but US impacts are not expected from that storm. Irma is a powerful category 5 hurricane, with winds sustained at 175mph, and it’s moving into the southeast Bahamas now. Hurricane Jose is a major hurricane, with winds sustained at 120mph and approaching the northern Leeward Islands, basically where Irma just passed through…

So, lets talk about Irma… Below is the 5pm track from the National Hurricane Center. Winds are sustained at 175mph, with gusts over 200mph. The storm will maintain category 5 status or perhaps drop to high end category 4 status before moving into south Florida sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

The core of the intense winds in the eye wall could pass directly over the major cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. If this track is correct with the intensity and path, this would be catastrophic situation for a large portion of south Florida and up the east side of the state. Impacts will be felt over the entire peninsula of Florida, with hurricane conditions being felt in many areas. Given the large size of the storm, this will affect a lot of land. If you area is under an evacuation order, I would highly recommend leaving. I would rather us look back and say, that was a close call, than that forecast be correct, leaving a horrible disaster for these areas listed…

Tropical Close Up VIS Storm NHC Track2.png

Models are trending west after landfall, suggesting, our area could have some clouds, breezy conditions and showers late Monday into Tuesday night. A ridge developing north of the storm could force it to bend northwest close enough to bring some showers or light rain. Fortunately, once that occurs, the storm will have spent so much time over land, it will be a remnant low. I don’t expect a damaging hurricane along the Alabama Gulf coast or passing through Alabama…

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