Nice and Refreshing Here… Catastrophic Situation This Weekend for Florida… Wednesday Update – 4:30pm #alwx @wvua23

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Good Wednesday afternoon! Our local weather is quiet, as a cold front passed through the area lastnight. Temperatures will drop into the lower to middle 50s overnight, which will be the first real taste of fall this season. Highs will remain in the lower 80s through the weekend, with lots of sunshine.

Alabama’s first home football game in Bryant-Denny on Saturday is looking great! I would take the sunscreen if you’re sitting on the sunny side of the stadium. The shaded side of the stadium will feel great!


We now have 3 hurricanes in the Atlantic. Katia, in the western Gulf will move into central Mexico later this week with no US impacts. Jose is following Irma, but should remain out to sea with no US impacts. We’ll watch Bermuda carefully with this one…

The big story is Irma, which remains a category 5 hurricane, with sustained winds of 185mph and gusts over 200. The hurricane has decimated some of the northern Leeward Islands and Virgin Islands, with gusts over 200mph. The news is not good coming from some of the islands directly impacted. Irma is now just north of San Juan, moving west northwest.

Below is a snapshot of the path of Irma Sunday morning. If this path is correct, and model data agrees, a strong category 4 or potentially a category 5 hurricane will move directly over downtown Miami, which has never happened before. Hurricane Andrew in the early 90s sideswiped Miami to the south, but the city just missed the devastating winds of Andrew. If this path is correct and does not change, we are looking at a storm similar to the Great Storm of 1900, which devastated Galveston, Texas and killed thousands. Lets hope and pray this track shifts east by 60 to 100 miles. It’s really amazing how a little shift to the east would be the difference between one of the worst US hurricane landfalls or some damage from a hurricane sideswipe. Again, if the track can shift east, this would greatly help our friends in Florida! We’re watching this one carefully…

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