Hot, Humid, and Partly Cloudy for Monday Eclipse. Sunday Forecast Update. #wxal @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM

Hot and Humid was the main story this Sunday with highs climbing easily into the 90’s across central Alabama. The humid air in-place made those 90’s feel like triple digits. A select few did get a small break from the warm weather with some spotty downpours across the state; however, most remained dry. Tonight, any rain that might be left will end very early on and we will only see some passing clouds over-night. Tomorrow is eclipse day (I’m almost tempted to capitalize that since it seems like Monday will almost be a holiday)! The forecast will be similar to how the weather turned out today. An unfortunate few will catch an isolated shower, but the bigger worry will be the partly cloudy skies. The good news is, if your sight is blocked, just run a few minutes down the road and I can almost guarantee you that you’ll have a good view. Just make sure you keep posted with us and we will be doing radar updates during the day.

After Monday, our rain-chances start to climb each day. Tuesday will see a few more stray showers and Wednesday looks to be a good mixture of sun, clouds, and showers. Thursday we will start to dry out as the trough that will push through the south starting Tuesday will move out during the day then. The exit of that trough means Friday should remain dry and feel a little more pleasant with less humid conditions.

Unfortunately, the dry period won’t last very long. Humid air returns as the trough to our south lifts northward bringing the chance for some stray showers and storms in the afternoon both Saturday and Sunday next weekend.

Looking to the tropics,

The remains of tropical depression Harvey are continuing to track west northwestward. Conditions just are not playing in favor for the complex of storms right now. Redevelopment over the next couple of hours seems very difficult but possible. Any redevelopment that does start to occur will be short lived since the system will soon be making landfall with the Yucatan Peninsula. That means the terrain there will tear the storm apart until it can pass over. After it passes over, it will enter into the southwestern Gulf of Mexico where strengthening looks very likely thanks to very warm water and limited shear. Tracks are putting it coming a little further north than yesterday. Most of the impact looks to remain with Mexico; however, southern Texas could see some effects from the storm. We will continue to monitor this storm since trough and ridge placement over the U.S can still alter the exact path of the storm.

Invest 92 is still moving west northwestward as well in the Atlantic. Conditions will not allow for any further strengthening of this storm for the next day or two. Once it approaches the Bahamas though, we could see it tap into the Gulf Stream where very warm water is present and start to get better organization. Most track bring it very close to, or meeting with, the East Coast now. The good news is, any real organization that we would be concerned about holds off until this work weeks trough sends it back out into the Atlantic. That said, we will continue to monitor this storm for any changes in forecast.

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