Hot and Humid for Sunday and Eclipse. Saturdy Forecast Update, 7pm. #wxal @wvua23

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The weather across central Alabama today was yet another hot and muggy one. Parts of Tuscaloosa, Hale, Marengo, Perry, Greene, and Sumter Counties saw some heavy rain this afternoon from a few large storms. Behind those few storms are some small, isolated showers that are following behind. The rain should wrap up tonight, easily by 9 p.m. for the area. Tonight, skies should remain mostly clear besides some scattered clouds. The evening should be mild with muggy conditions lasting through the night. Tomorrow finishes off the weekend with another day of hot and humid weather again with the chance of a few very isolated storms that could bring an unlucky few a temporarily heavy downpour.

Getting out of the weekend and into next week, Monday will be similar to today and tomorrow with very toasty conditions and the unwelcome chance of an isolated storm. The good news is, most should remain dry for the eclipse early in the afternoon; however, I can’t promise that you may not have to battle a cloud or two for a view since we will have some clouds present at the time. After Monday, a trough digs into the south that will produce enough lift to get stray afternoon storms to fire off across central Alabama for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Late next work week we will see our rain chances diminish for the most part but they will start to return some going into the weekend with some moisture return from the Gulf present to hep feed a stray storm or two.

Looking at the Tropics,

Tropical Depression Harvey is currently located over the center of the Caribbean Sea where it is continuing to track westward. Conditions are not favorable for much development for the next few hours; however, we could see some pretty fast redevelopment after the storm moves over the Yucatan Peninsula where the Gulf holds very warm water and not as much shear. Current model tracks keep it quickly steaming through the Gulf westward into Mexico. We will continue to keep an eye on the storm though because just a few changes in the strength and location of the ridge and trough here in the U.S over the next couple of days could change the track of the storm.

Behind Harvey is Invest 92 that is not doing well with the cards it is being dealt. Conditions for it are just not favorable for further development. The storm might see better days ahead when it finally makes it to the Bahamas where it will likely get slapped back into the Atlantic by the trough moving through next week. Eyes will be kept on this storm since it is still not fully certain how far west it will make it before it gets shot back out to see.

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