Summer Pattern Ahead… Few Storms & Hot Temps… Tuesday Update – 4:35pm #alwx @wvua23

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Good Tuesday afternoon! At 4:30pm, showers and storms continue to move generally in an east direction across Alabama. Storms are dropping very heavy rain in a short period of time, which could lead to some isolated flooding issues. Storms gradually die out this evening.

We’re about to move into a summer-like pattern ahead, as upper air heights increase across the area. This means we’ll see more sun, fewer storms and hotter temperatures. Given the high moisture content that will remain with us, I still expect a fair chance of scattered afternoon storms each day this week and into the weekend, but some of you will miss out on these random storms. Expect afternoon highs in the lower 90s, with a heat index over 100 each day through the weekend.

In the tropics, Hurricane Gert is slowly strengthening. Winds are at 80mph as of the 4pm advisory. Fortunately, this hurricane is perfectly dodging the east coast of the US and the island of Bermuda.


On Monday, Alabama will experience a solar eclipse during the early afternoon. The main show will be happening between noon and 3pm, with the peak of the eclipse happening right around 1:30pm. Most of central and west Alabama is in the 90% to 94% eclipse, meaning we’re not in the totality zone. We will see an incredible eclipse however, as only 10% or less of the sun will be visible for a few minutes. As always, we advise you not to look directly at the sun, and use some sort of protective glasses to view the eclipse. There are lots of options online or in local stores to purchase… There is a 40% risk of a few scattered afternoon storms on Monday of next week, so some people will not get a view of the eclipse, while others will. Given the random nature of scattered storms, it will be impossible to say where the puffy clouds will block out the sun at 1:30pm. By the way, totality (100%) eclipse will be at it’s closest point to our area in central Tennessee, so make a quick trip north if you want to see that.

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