The week is beginning to look sunny and hot! Forecast update 8 pm #alwx @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.pngHeavy rainfall fell this morning in central  Alabama and as we moved into the afternoon some areas saw a few isolated thunderstorms. This evening has started to clear nicely though. The heat was a large concern for many this afternoon though with highs in the 90s and feels like temperatures in the 100s for some areas like Jasper. Right now it has cooled off a bit though and it feels like the mid to low 70s.

Some light showers will develop in more southern counties tomorrow morning but by later in the afternoon few will see some isolated thunderstorms while other areas may just see some light rain. The mains concern will be lightning and flooding for areas that have seen lots of rain over the past several days. Always remember when you see standing water when driving turn around don’t drown!

Rain will clear Monday evening and good news, Tuesday rain chances will begin to decrease! By Wednesday you can expect to see more sunshine in the day and less rain in the afternoon. This trend will continue all the way through Sunday to make for a beautiful weekend. But beware if you plan to spend days outside. Highs for this week will be moving into the mid to upper 90s and those feel like temperatures are likely to reach into the 100s. You are in summer in Alabama which means we have a lot of moisture in the air with dewpoints reaching in the 70s so expect hot and humid days to continue.

Danielle Davis

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