Storms continue into the evening. Brighter days are ahead! Forecast update 9 pm #alwx @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.pngAreas are still seeing storms this evening. As the night progresses rain will weaken and leave a few isolated showers tonight. Jefferson/Shelby County were largely impacted by this storm. They were under a flash flood warning which has now expired. Hazards seen this afternoon included flash flooding and lightning. Tonight I expect these hazards to become less of a threat as the storm weakens.

Tomorrow more rain is expected, but unlike today, it should be more isolated and move through areas quickly. Keep an umbrella handy as you move through the day and be cautious of lightning.

Highs for this week will be moving from the low 90s to the mid 90s. Hot and muggy days will continue and the heat index will likely reach into the 100s for some areas this week.

Rain chances will start to decrease Monday and by Tuesday you will start to see a lot more sunshine during the day and less rain in the afternoon through Saturday. These will be great days to get outside for a few if you don’t mind the heat.

Danielle Davis

Twitter: @danielledaviswx

Facebook: DanielleDavisWX


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