Scattered Storms Mainly in PM for Father’s Day. Saturday Forecast Update, 6:45pm. #wxal @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM

Good Saturday evening! We’ve seen a few isolated showers and storms this evening with most sticking to east central Alabama. Those are already starting to break down as we go into the early evening hours. Tonight, plan on dry, very warm, and humid conditions. Skies will be partly cloudy. Tomorrow for Father’s Day, plan on seeing scattered showers and storms developing across central Alabama. The greatest chance will be in the afternoon. Don’t plan on a total washout if you want to do things outdoors, but do keep an eye on radar, in case. Other than isolated showers and storms, plan on very hot and humid weather.

Next work week will start with a large amount of showers and storms developing across Alabama with a trough moving through the state Monday. Unfortunately it will have little impact on our temperatures. Tuesday we will start to dry out, but it seems like southern central Alabama, as well as east Alabama, could still see some rain with the trough still trying to move southeast. Wednesday will be fully dry for central Alabama; however, temperatures will be on the rise making for a hot one!

As we get later into next work week and into next weekend, uncertainty starts to develop. A tropical disturbance could impact our rain chances Thursday, depending on where it decides to track. If it heads north, into Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, we will start to get shower activity. If it goes west, we wont see real weather influences until that weekend when a trough starts to move in that will be pulling the remains of the tropical system with it. For now, we are forecasting very warm conditions with just the chance for isolated showers for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Turning full focus to the tropics now, as mentioned we are watching a system (93AL) that is currently located in the Gulf of Honduras. Models right now are thinking of two tracks: one takes the system and strengthens it into a tropical storms and it moves to southern Texas. The second possible track thinks the system will strengthen into a tropical storm and impact the southern Gulf Coast between Louisiana and Tallahassee, Florida. The good thing is that it doesn’t seem likely to strengthen into anything major. The only problem now is figuring out where the storm will go and account for who will receive more rain later this coming work week.


Another system (92AL) is still located far off in the Atlantic where further development and strengthening is expected. Since the tropical complex is still so far away, there is not much else forecast wise known about it other than it will continue to track towards the west over the next several days. We will continue to monitor both it and 93AL over the next several days and keep updating you with the latest information.

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