Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Winston and Walker Co. until 2:30 a.m, 5/28/17. #wxal @wvua23

 The National Weather Service in Birmingham has issued a
* Severe Thunderstorm Warning for…

Walker County in Alabama…

Winston County in northwestern Alabama…
* Until 230 AM CDT
* At 121 AM CDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line

extending from 7 miles northeast of Phil Campbell to near Detroit,

moving southeast at 60 mph.
HAZARD…70 mph wind gusts. 
SOURCE…Radar indicated. 
IMPACT…Expect considerable tree damage. Damage is likely to 

mobile homes, roofs, and outbuildings. 
* Locations impacted include…

Jasper, Haleyville, Sumiton, Cordova, Dora, Carbon Hill, Lynn,

Arley, Double Springs, Parrish, Oakman, Addison, Sipsey, West

Jefferson, Kansas, Nauvoo, Eldridge, Curry, Gorgas Steam Plant and

Houston Recreational Area.
This is a DANGEROUS SITUATION. These storms are producing widespread 

wind damage. SEEK SHELTER NOW inside a sturdy structure and stay 

away from windows! 

LAT…LON 3430 8717 3427 8711 3397 8714 3393 8709

3390 8710 3389 8705 3381 8695 3377 8702

3366 8706 3360 8719 3355 8719 3352 8725

3351 8729 3359 8732 3360 8742 3369 8743

3369 8753 3387 8753 3387 8762 3431 8763

TIME…MOT…LOC 0621Z 300DEG 51KT 3441 8760 3404 8811 


2 Responses to Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Winston and Walker Co. until 2:30 a.m, 5/28/17. #wxal @wvua23

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