Strong Storms Arrive Sunday Afternoon. Saturday Forecast Update, 8:45pm

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.png

Good Saturday evening! We saw warm, windy, and muggy conditions today with highs ranging in the low to mid 80’s. Tonight, expect windy conditions to persist as skies remain mostly clear. Tomorrow morning will start off with a few peaks of sunshine; however, that will start to change as we get past lunch time…

DMA Severe Risk Tonight

A strong line of storms will start to move into west Alabama starting around 1pm roughly tomorrow afternoon. This first line of storms will last into the early evening hours before weakening slightly and becoming more showers as they move into east Alabama. Behind the first line will be another round of storms that will move through overnight, bringing a second shot of strong storms. The main threat with this event will be very strong, gusty winds, as well as some slight flooding issues with the large amount of rain some of these storms will be producing (many areas could easily see rain totals over 2 inches by Monday). Another threat, though not as likely, will be a few isolated tornadoes. With strong shear from the robust winds and a juicy environment from the Gulf air present over Alabama, we can not rule out the chance for a few tornadoes, but as mentioned: they are not as likely. Should we get any tornado warnings, we will be live here at WVUA both on TV and on our Live Weather Stream, provider by

Monday turns much calmer with sunny skies and noticeably cooler temperatures. Sadly, they won’t be staying for long. Just by Tuesday, highs will be back into the 80’s. Another system will make an arrival late Wednesday night, into the day Thursday. Storms are definitely in the forecast with this next set-up; however, we are still working out the edges on how strong some of the storms could be, so stay posted with us on any changes. The storms will last through Thursday, leaving just some lingering showers for early Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, sunshine return again, along with another blast of cool air.

The cooler weather looks to last into next weekend, along with sunny skies. Overall, it looks to be a pretty nice weekend weather-wise as of now.

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