Radar Update…Severe Weather Threat Still Very Low (3/30/17, 2:10p.m.) @wvua23 #wxal

WVUA 2016

Good Thursday afternoon. Looking at radar right now, conditions show that our high resolution models are holding up well with what was forecasted for today. Right now, south Alabama is seeing a few storms that are producing some hail. Overall though, conditions look very good for the next several hours. The most worry we have right now is that the storms producing hail in south Alabama move into central Alabama and impact those east of I-65.

To the west, we see a very small band of showers and storms developing just east of the Mississippi River. This was the main worry for severe weather; however, our forecast has held up so far. The large cluster of showers and storms at the coast will limit any fuel from the Gulf to allow that line to get very strong.

Overall, the threat of severe weather today is VERY low. With any weather event, things can always change and we will be here in the studio to monitor, just in case.

Reggie Roakes
Facebook: Meteorologist Reggie Roakes
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