Spring! Friday Forecast Update… 4pm #alwx @wvua23

7 Day Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.pngGood Friday evening, it has stayed cloudy throughout the afternoon, but that hasn’t stopped those temperatures from moving up into those high 60s. Tonight and into tomorrow we will have a shift in wind direction from a southern wind to a northern wind. This allows us to receive some warm, moist gulf air. The clouds will help keep this evening warmer as well, acting like a blanket for us, keeping the heat in and the cool out!

Tomorrow there’s a chance for a small shower early in the morning. Nothing to be too concerned about; It should be short and light and move out of the area early in the afternoon. This will let the sun peak out and bring in more heat. Tomorrow areas will hit in the 70s with sun later in the afternoon. By Sunday there will be plenty of sun to make for a great end to your weekend.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be hot! Temperatures in the upper 70s for most areas.  Tuesday clouds will begin to move back in for the rest of the week keeping the lows at night a little warmer in the mid 50 most evenings.

Danielle Davis

Twitter: DanielleDavisWX