Colder Weather Keeps Holding On…Saturday Evening Update, 8:30pm

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.png

Good Saturday Evening! It has been a cold, dreary day across central and north Alabama today. For those already at the coast, they got to experience mostly dry conditions; however, that will soon change. Tonight, rain will continue to push south ahead of a cold front that will bring substantial rain to the coast. Some of that rain will last into Sunday morning for parts of both south and east Alabama. Now for many in north Alabama, a big worry has been the chance for snow. Tonight, areas just south of U.S Highway 72 and everyone else north of it will start to see lighter rain showers switch over to a wintry mix…that said, ground conditions should remain too warm for anything to stick and the most action Alabama should get is some nice/fat flakes falling (and that is just for north Alabama).

DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD BY AN HOUR TONIGHT! Normally the saying is to spring forward in spring..but I don’t think many would say we are in spring with the weather we are having recently.

West Alabama tomorrow should slowly start to clear out by lunch time at the latest, with some sunshine arriving possibly by late afternoon before nightfall. Sunday night, a few clouds remain with us that should keep temperatures in the lower 40’s. After Sunday night, plan on some very chilly nights.

Monday brings another cold front that will deliver another batch of shower, but much less than what we are experiencing today. Sneaking in behind that front is another stronger shot of cold air that will keep our temperatures cooler for almost the remainder of the work week. Tuesday, we will just have a few clouds clinging to the area as the front exits the state, and after that clear skies return by Wednesday. That will last all the way until Friday.

Friday and next weekend slowly warm up as we prepare for a new batch of rain…the warm weather will come as a welcomed friend, we just have to tolerate his friend Rain that he will be bringing with him.

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