Beautiful Day Today, warmer days continue… forecast update 4:30pm #alwx @wvua23

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.pngI hope everyone has enjoyed this nice Sunday afternoon with plenty of sunshine! Today started  of in the mid 40s and by the afternoon most areas hit in the mid to low 70s.Warmer air has moved in for the week and you can expect those nice temperatures in the mid 70s for most of the week.

Monday expect a similar day with some sun, but by Tuesday clouds will begin to move back in. Tuesday evening a chance for a small stray shower appears and this pattern will continue throughout Saturday. Models continue to have conflicting data about the rain chance for each day, so be prepared for some light rain through Saturday.

Thursday is going to be a warm one with temperatures in the upper 70s and in some areas possible low 80s! This is a sharp contrast to the cooler air that will start to move in by Saturday. Temperatures for your weekend will fall in the mid 60s with cooler mornings in the 40s.

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Danielle Davis

Twitter: DanielleDaviswx


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