Wet Start to the Work Week..Tuesday Severe Weather Update…Sunday Evening 9:40 PM

7 Day -SHELTON STATE Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.png

Good Sunday evening! It was a cool, dreary day across central Alabama. Some areas, like here in Tuscaloosa at the station, never saw temperatures break into the 50’s. Those who didn’t see us much rain today saw temperatures into the mid 50’s. That said, we’re past our cool period for the next few days. Tonight, light showers will persist in parts of south central Alabama as the air mass that has been producing precipitation clashes with the incoming warm front from out southwest. Rain will start to shift back northward overnight tonight, and shower activity will last through a good part of tomorrow morning as the rain moves northeastward. The movement of the warm front will deliver much warmer air from our south, bringing highs into the 70’s.

Tuesday, that warm front is gone and now we watch the arrival of the low pressure system’s cold front in the atmosphere’s upper levels. Right now we are watching this system in the case of it producing some isolated severe storms Tuesday afternoon. Greatest chance will be for north central Alabama, north of the I-20 line. This will be a very low end severe weather event. There are the conditions present to produce severe weather, but no one condition “screams” a major severe weather event. Just keep an ear out over the next few days on any changing details as we get closer to Tuesday.

Severe Risk Round 2.5.png

Some storms will linger from Tuesday into Wednesday, but conditions for severe weather by then further deteriorate. Storms Wednesday will arrive later in the day the surface cold front arriving. Just plan on hearing a few rumbles of thunder Wednesday morning for now. By Wednesday afternoon, gradual clearing starts to take place. Cold air and sunshine start to return by Thursday.

Friday will mark the beginning of next weekend with clear skies and temperatures back to a seasonal average for this time of the year; however, that won’t last for long. Saturday we will quickly warm back up before we see a new batch of showers likely arriving Sunday.

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Reggie Roakes
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