Spring Like Weather Continues…Saturday Evening Update 8:10P.M.


Good Saturday evening! Today was a pre-spring taste of warm weather across the southeastern portion of the U.S. Here at home, highs ranged between 72 and 79 degrees. The crazy thing is, but not necessarily bad, temperatures will continue to remain about this warm for the remainder of this weekend and even a majority of next work week. Tonight, mild conditions are going to lead to the development of fog across much of central Alabama that will last into tomorrow morning. Sky conditions will gradually clear for most overnight, making for a mostly sunny start tomorrow morning once the fog dissipates. As Sunday progresses, southerly flow pulling in warm, moist air and ample sun in the morning will lead to cloud cover developing in the afternoon. The best comparison for tomorrow will be to today’s conditions.

Going into next work week, cloud cover will increase as we prepare for an onslaught of troughs that will deliver several opportunities for both showers and a few thunderstorms. Monday will see the high pressure ridging over the southeast slowly breaking down; that will lead to a chance of a few stray showers Monday afternoon for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Tuesday will see the approaching trough trying to slide into the state. As it approaches the I-20 corridor, the system will start to try and stall during Tuesday evening. A more robust pocket of air will aid in forcing to get Tuesday’s weak trough out. The stronger forcing Wednesday could aid in producing a few rumbles of thunder along with the passing showers. Thursday, negative tilting of the line of showers could produce some lasting showers for parts of south Alabama. Later Thursday, a new developing low, west, will begin to produce a new line of rain that could also contain some thunderstorms with ample forcing behind the system to get significant lifting. This system is still under watch with how conditions will be when that system develops. For now, Friday afternoon and Saturday plan on a band of heavy showers and some storms to move through the state.

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Reggie Roakes
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