Soggy End to 2016…Friday Evening Update 5:10p.m.


Good Friday afternoon! Today was a chilly, sunny day across the state; however, we’ve got some changes coming overnight and into tomorrow to close off 2016. Increasing clouds tonight won’t limit temperatures from dropping back into the mid to lower thirties, making for a chilly evening. Early tomorrow morning showers will start to develop in far northwest Alabama. Parts of north Alabama may see some sleet pellets for a few short minutes when rain first starts to arrive with dry pockets still located in layers of the atmosphere. Here in central Alabama though, we will only receive very cool showers. Heavy showers developing along the coast will limit inflow for central and north Alabama making for lighter showers north of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Areas south of those cities will see much heavier rainfall. New Year’s Eve plans look to be a bit soggy with light showers continuing overnight. The Sanger bet is to keep plans indoors. Those that will be attending game the play-off game in Atlanta will be dealing with those showers all the way back home since rain will be scattered about much of the southeast by Saturday night.

Sunday marks the first day of the new year and showers will continue during the day but greater chances will be present for parts south of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Areas north will only see spotty showers. Temperatures will be much warmer with winds pulling in warm in from the Gulf.

Monday will see the rain trend continuing, along with thunderstorms become apart of the mix. Storms will be fueled by the vary warm temperatures and dew points being brought in off the Gulf. Tuesday and Wednesday will only see isolated showers with Monday’s system moving out and mild zonal flow following behind it. It won’t be until Thursday that we see a new trough moving in from the west that will try to bring an end to rain after its exit, but it will also be bringing rain with it before we can get that dry period. The trough will arrive late Thursday bringing showers that will last into Friday as a surface low develops on the coast that will help further fuel additional showers. Models have been all over the place on what type of precipitation will follow behind the system. Most models generally show us just getting showers; however, every now and then a wild run will show us getting some freezing rain and a little snow. For now, that system is so far out that it is way too early to say anything else about icy weather. We will be keeping an eye on it, and if it starts to look like it will actually bring more than rain, we will update.

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Reggie Roakes
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