Shorts for Christmas Day…Christmas Eve Update 12:15p.m.


Good Saturday afternoon and Merry Christmas Eve! To start off I want to remind everyone that we are not having any shows today, tomorrow, or on Monday. You can still go on our page though for the up-to-date 7day, as well as our webcast.

We are going to see very mild conditions today for it being late December with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s across central Alabama. Many parts of the state have also seen some clearing the past few hours; however, a new deck of clouds will arrive later this afternoon with a weak trough that is currently trying to push into the state. Those clouds will last with us overnight and into tomorrow morning for Christmas morning before breaking down by lunchtime. Tomorrow will be even warmer with parts of southern Alabama warming up to, or even into, the 80’s. Here in Tuscaloosa we should see the mid 70’s. Keep in mind, this will be the second year in a row we will be having an extremely warm Christmas. Last Christmas, Tuscaloosa reached a record high of 80°.

Next work week will be a gradual cool down from this weekend. Temperatures will still be in the 70’s Monday but an approaching trough from the west will slowly try and make its way into Alabama before stalling and drying out. That will provide the opportunity for a few stray showers for Monday and Tuesday. A stronger trough behind the initial one will help push through later Wednesday, and into the day on Thursday. The arrival of the stronger front Wednesday will spark a greater chance for showers both days, along with a few thunderstorms. Once that system is gone, cooler (or at least average) temperatures return to Alabama with sunny skies.

Next weekend, for New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, looks to hold the chance for some stray showers currently. Timing has them arriving later Saturday. As of now, models have them weak enough that no overnight plans should be majorly affected.

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Reggie Roakes

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