Clearer Skies and Chilly for Monday…Sunday Evening Update 9p.m.


Good Sunday evening! After a round of strong storms last night for far northwest Alabama, cold air quickly undercut the storms and brought calmer, but still very windy, weather to us here in central Alabama. That quick arrival allowed for a smidge of freezing rain for portions of our northwestern counties in the DMA early on, but it quickly changed back to rain shortly after the lunch hour. Besides that and the rain, the main topic of today’s forecast has been how cold it is! And it looks like we have an even colder evening in store for us. Lows here in Tuscaloosa will be in the mid 20’s but areas north of Jasper will easily see temperatures tonight dipping into the teens, so bundle up tonight, bring in animals, protect sensitive plants, and maybe even take precautions to not let your pipes freeze.

Monday starts off Christmas work week with temperatures during the day trying to warm up, but with extra clouds and strong winds out of the north, it’s going to be a struggle to warm up during the day. Tuesday with mostly sunny skies we will see temperatures turn back to about the average for this time of the year; unfortunately, as soon as everyone turns back to usual, a new front is going to develop over Alabama during the day Wednesday. That is going to provide the opportunity for clouds to develop during the day Wednesday and then showers will arrive later than evening and last into the day for Thursday. Then we immediately turn back to mostly clear condition Thursday night for Friday to help finish off the work week.

Christmas weekend has a tough forecast for it right now. The two main long range models are into total disagreement with what will take place that weekend. One model is wanting to keep mostly sunny conditions for both days and bring rain in for the beginning of the work week after Christmas. The other model is showing a much sooner arrival of showers later in the day Saturday and last into Sunday for Christmas. We will continue to keep rain chances low for now until a better call can be made exactly on when rain will arrive.

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Reggie Roakes

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