Strong Storms Arriving Tonight…Saturday Evening Update 7:35p.m.


Good Saturday evening! It was an unusually warm day across central Alabama with highs still climbing around 6 p.m. into the mid 70’s. These warmer temperatures are going to have a major roll in the weather that will play out tonight. All day today we’ve only experienced light showers; however, that’ll change late tonight around midnight when a strong band of storms will enter into northwest Alabama. These storms will track through the state throughout Sunday. The greatest risk for severe weather will be for west and northwest Alabama when the line of storms will be their strongest. As they advance, they will be weakening so east Alabama, past the I-65 line should be out of the highest threat for severe weather. As of now the opportunity for a very quick spin up tornado can not be ruled out for west and northwest Alabama thanks to very strong winds experiencing shear vorticity. Once the system moves into east Alabama, the weakening storms will only have the power to produce some stronger winds. Quickly following the storms is a massive pocket of cold air that is causing some winter weather advisories for north Alabama because the air will likely cool the rain enough to cause some freezing rain for the far northern portions of the state. This isn’t expected to make it down into our DMA, besides maybe a few locally independent areas north of Jasper that may only get some freezing rain for thirty minutes. Even then, ground temperatures will be so warm any ice that falls will melt. Should we have any tornado warnings tonight, you can get coverage both on our channel and at under the weather tab that says “Severe WX Live Stream.”


Sunday will be much cooler as we watch showers and a few lingering storms finishing moving through the state during the day. Highs will be a total reverse from highs today with temperatures only getting into the 40’s. 

Christmas work week will start off with some clouds still sticking with us as temperatures slowly start to warm up. The clouds will be gone by Tuesday. Sunshine Tuesday will help get highs back into the 50’s. Wednesday, just when we thought the rain was gone, a new system that will be developing in southern Alabama will bring rain across that southern half late Wednesday and for the day Thursday. Friday clear weather arrives again. Christmas weekend looks to have showers arriving to try and spoil the Christmas spirit. 

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Reggie Roakes

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