Showers for Monday…Sunday Evening Update 9 p.m.


Good Sunday evening! After our final chilly start this morning, we warmed up considerably into the upper 50’s to lower 60’s. Those warmer temperatures are thanks to winds changing to a southerly flow bringing in warmer temperatures from the south. Cloud cover held off for most of central Alabama until late this afternoon, just before sunset. After that, cloud cover started to develop, and we will continue to watch it develop this evening before showers begin to develop late tonight, going into early tomorrow morning. Cloud cover tonight will keep lows from dropping off tonight.

Tomorrow, showers that develop tonight will continue throughout the day across central Alabama. The front bringing in the rain will stall out as it pushes into the state, meaning it will be very slowly advancing throughout the day Monday. Southerly flow tomorrow, for a majority of the day before changing to a northerly flow, will bring in even warmer temperatures for the day.

Tuesday, the stalled front will shift north bringing more showers to central Alabama, but not as wide spread as Monday. Southern central Alabama will see the greatest opportunity for precipitation out of everyone else. Wednesday another front from the northeast will push into the state during the day to push the stalled front out, but not before it can bring a few isolated showers for southern central Alabama again. After Wednesday, cooler air arrives, along with mostly clear skies. Zonal flow will struggle to eliminate all clouds. Heading toward Friday, just when we thought all the rain is gone, another approaching front will send some upper level disturbances ahead of it, bringing showers for Friday.

Next weekend, as the front continues to advance, sending out more waves ahead of it, showers activity will increase for both Saturday and Sunday. Increased dew points are expected for the weekend, meaning the opportunity for thunderstorms to develop. Right now Sunday is setting up to be an interesting event that we will keep an eye on over the coming days.

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