Gradual Warm Up for Work Week…Sunday Evening Update 7 p.m.


Good Sunday evening! It was yet another great day weather wise with pleasant temperatures across the state. Accompanying those clouds was a dose of upper level clouds for both east and south central Alabama. Those were pushed in by a stalled front, south of Alabama, creating upper level mixture. Parts of northeast Alabama are starting to see, and smell, smoke advancing into the state from the large numbers of wildfires in north Georgia and North Carolina. Tonight, lows will range between the upper 30’s and low 40’s with mostly clear skies. Northeast Alabama will likely continue to experience smokey conditions overnight tonight, making for a few air quality hazards this evening and tomorrow morning.

Monday gets the work week started with just a very slight warm-up from the weekend; that warming trend is going to continue from Monday, into the remainder of the work week until Friday. Tuesday will see an extra amount of clouds brought be an upper level disturbance with no effects for the surface.

Late Friday night, going into Saturday, an approaching front will start to bring an increase in clouds Friday evening. Saturday will see mostly cloudy skies as the front pushes through. Unfortunetly, Alabama has very little moisture to provide to the system as it pushes through, so rain totals will be very low. The increased clouds will prevent a major warm-up: following the clouds, much cooler air will make a return into the state. Sunday will be very cool and see lots of sun. Conditions will likely be very breezy with a strong northerly flow.

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