Cooler Weather,but Drought Continues. Friday Forecast Update 4:15 pm @wvua23 #alwx


Temperatures are a bit cooler today across central Alabama as a cold front moved through yesterday. A light north breeze made things downright pleasant outside this afternoon! Despite a few spots seeing a light sprinkle of rain, most everyone stayed dry last night, and that is bad news as our drought continues to worsen and expand. Drought busting rain still not in the forecast, although a stray shower or two could pop up later next week. Pleasant weather remains in the forecast for the next 7 days, but with no significant rain in sight, drought conditions will continue to worsen.


REST OF THE EVENING: Skies remain clear through the rest of the evening. Temperatures dropping to the mid 60s by 7:30, and continuing to drop into the 50s overnight. Light wind out of the north 3-6 mph.

TOMORROW: Temperatures start in the upper 40s early in the morning, warming up into the upper 70s by afternoon. A few spots may hit 80 degrees. Dry and clear all day. Light east winds.

TOMORROW EVENING: Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour! Lows again dropping into the upper 40s under clear skies. Winds becoming calm overnight.

REST OF WEEK: Expect pleasant but dry conditions to persist through election day, with afternoon highs in the upper 70s and overnight lows right around 50. Skies remain mostly clear. We bring a slight rain chance in to the forecast for the middle of next week, but more spots than not stay bone dry.

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Alex Puckett
WVUA Weather Anchor
Twitter: @puckettwx
Facebook: Meteorologist Alex Puckett


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