Warming Temperatures for the Work Week…Tropics Update…Sunday, 9 p.m.

Good Sunday evening! It was yet another mild, sunny, and dry day across central Alabama. Temperatures atures generally ranged between the upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Tonight will once again be cool with lows dropping back into the lower 50’s, while some areas north, such as Haleyville and Cullman, will see upper 40’s. 

Tomorrow will kick the work week off similar to today with temperatures breaking into the lower 80’s; meanwhile, everyone will be seeing lots of sunshine. Dry air will remain in-place not only for tomorrow but for the remainder of this work week. Right now, there is a fire burn ban for most of northern Alabama. Along with that ban, drought conditions for the northern half of the state are continuing to worsen. Hopefully rain will be coming soon this month.

The rest of next work week will continue to remain mild with temperatures remaining in the low to even upper 80’s by the end of the work week for cities south of the Moundville, Alexander City line. There will be no lack of sun as well so conditions will only become drier this week. Friday a few extra clouds will make it into the state with the arrival of a dried out cold front, but there will still be an abundance of sun.

Next weekend looks to continue the dry weather with temperatures in the 80’s, so no major changes are expected to come with the forecast for the coming week.

Post-Tropical Storm Matthew has not only continued to weaken, but it is rapidly becoming imbedded into a front. Since it is becoming imbedded in the front, energy helping fuel storms is rapidly dissipating. Now, despite the lacking of power, winds are still being sustained at 75mph, which are hurricane speeds, but the pressure inside the storm is far to high to be classified as hurricane. Likely tomorrow we will see the end to Matthew.

Nicole’s story has actually changed a lot from last night. Nicole is still being limited as a tropical storm due to large amounts of shear from the same front that’s absorbing Matthew. The front will gradually weaken over the next 24 hours, meaning shear will weaken. Current models are thinking that once shear starts to decrease, Nicole will strengthen into a hurricane and take track to move over Bermuda, into the Atlantic.

Reggie Roakes

WVUA 23 News


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