Matthew Update…Now A Post-Tropical Storm… Sunday, 11:45 a.m.

Matthew is now a post tropical storm since last night. Winds are now being sustained around 65 knots, hence the downgrade from a hurricane from yesterday. The rain in North and South Carolina, as well as Virginia for the most part, has come to an end, which is much needed from the immense amounts of rain those states experienced yesterday. The states no longer have flash flood warnings, but water is still sitting high in numerous places. As of now, states north of those, like Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island, are experiencing heavy rainfall from the remaining storms from Matthew.

Despite Matthew being past the Carolinas, beaches along North Carolina and Virginia, especially the Outer Banks, are continuing to experience powerful storm surge from Matthew: that means some flash flooding along the coast is still possible, but most areas along those coast are already flooded from surge yesterday making it difficult for more water to make it onto shore. That surge is still be caused by very strong winds, with gusts still reaching hurricane strength speeds. 

The storm will continue to be pushed into the Atlantic over the next 24 hours as it becomes imbedded with the cold front that is passing over the east coast. By late Monday or early Tuesday, the remains of Matthew will likely be fully absorbed in with the front. Tracks no longer agree on any loop pattern and want to just push Matthew into the Atlantic before it runs out of energy.

Reggie Roakes

WVUA 23 News


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