Mild Weather Continues…Saturday Evening Update 8:30 p.m.

Good Saturday evening! What a nice day of weather across not just for central Alabama but for the whole state. Highs generally ranged between the upper 80’s for southern portions of the state near those coast, down to the upper 70’s for areas near the bordering state line with Tennessee. Tonight, lows will follow the same trend with areas in the south seeing the upper 50’s, while northern areas will likely see the upper 40’s. 

Tomorrow will once again be very nice with similar conditions to today with mild temperatures and lots of sun. The good news about these warm temperatures is that they are very pleasant/tolerable since dew points are so low thanks to the front that slowly pulled drier air into the state this weekend.  

Next work week looks to be stagnant weather wise. Temperatures will slightly increase each day, but will likely stay in the lower 80’s. Lows at nights will do the same thing with slowly increasing temerpatures. Along with the mild temperatures next week will keep the dry air that has settled  in this weekend, making for unfavorably dry conditions. Red Flag conditions are spreading across the state, and numerous fire burns are now out for the state.

Next weekend a weak, dry cold front will have moved through likely by Saturday that will try and bring cooler temperatures, but no significant cool-down will come with this front. 

Hurricane Matthew has continued to become disorganized on satellite; however, winds are still at 75 mph, making Matthew a category 1 hurricane still. The system has brought massive amounts of rainfall to northern South Carolina, most of east North Carolina, and portions of southern Virginia. Along with the flooding, massive amounts of storm surge on the coast has caused lots of damage today for the east coast. 

Over the next 12 hours, Matthew is expected to continue to weaken and become unorganized. Much of this weakening is coming from the system clashing with the front that passed through Alabama late last night. The front is going to continue to pull power from Matthew and break the storm down. Tomorrow Matthew will likely be a tropical storm and by early Monday morning, it will likely be a tropical depression before becoming fully over-taken by the front.

All eyes now are watching and waiting to see how late Matthew will make its turn east out into the Atlantic since the system is bringing so much rain for the coast. The sooner it turns out into the Atlantic, the sooner the rain can stop for them. Stay posted with us for updates.

Tropical storm Nicole will continue to remain as a tropical storm for the upcoming work week. Once the front that is tearing Matthew apart reaches Nicole, similar conditions will happen. As Nicole gets steered east, further into the Atlantic over Bermuda, shear will start to disorganize the storm and break it down.

Reggie Roakes

WVUA 23 News


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