Matthew Update – 3pm Friday… #alwx @wvua23

At 3pm, the core of the strongest winds of 100+mph remains offshore. Winds remain at 115mph, but the next advisory will likely be weaker, given current radar and satellite trends. Wind shear is starting to take it’s toll on the storm to weaken it. Storm surge, flooding & strong wind near the coast continue. There’s no doubt it’s dangerous near the northeast coast of Florida and Georgia with winds gusting to 70mph and very heavy rain along with some storm surge, but the core of very dangerous and destructive winds remain off shore and will likely remain just off shore this evening. The storm is gradually weakening now. While there is some damage and flooding issues for sure, this could have been much worse if the core of 100+mph winds made it to the coast. Officially, Matthew has not made landfall and may not ever make landfall, as the eye remains offshore. Remember, the eye must come onto land to be considered to be a landfall. This means, the record will likely stand and continue with the 11+ years since the last US landfalling hurricane CAT 3 or higher.
Keep in mind, damaging winds, flooding and storm surge will continue to track northeast along coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina into the evening hours and into Saturday before the storm pulls away from the US. While the storm may do a loop and circle back toward the US sometime next week, it may actually fizzle out due to increasing dry air and wind shear.
Richard Scott

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