Warm Work Week Ahead…Tropics Update…5:30 p.m.

Good Sunday evening! A cloudy start early this morning quickly changed to a sunny day across central Alabama. The extra clouds in the morning helped to keep highs this afternoon down in the lower 80’s, aiding to keep the early Fall-like feel. Tonight, skies will remain clear and it will be yet another cool evening as lows drop into the upper 50’s for most, but some in northern central Alabama will see lower 50’s. 

Tomorrow will still hold lots of sunshine, along with highs in the mid to upper 80’s. Despite the warm weather, increased temperatures will be more than tolerable thanks to low levels of moisture in the air making for low humidity.

The rest of the work week looks to a stay warm, especially Tuesday. Many on Tuesday, besides northern central Alabama, will see highs near or at the 90 degree mark, making for a unseasonably warm day. The rest of next work week will stay slightly cooler, but not by much. The good news is, humidity will remain low and skies will stay mostly sunny. Friday a few extra clouds make it into the forecast because of some breaking down of the high pressure ridge that will keep Alabama dry next week.

Next weekend looks to have a cold front arriving to save the Fall-like conditions and bring back cooler temperatures for much of the southeast. Along with cooler temperatures, the front will help reinforce dry air to help keep things dry.

Hurricane Matthew has not changed much in the past twenty-four hours. Early this morning, the eye became shrouded by clouds which is normally a sign of weakening, which held up to be true. Matthew only weakened slightly, though, before the eye unshrouded this afternoon and got some more power behind it. All that time, Matthew remained, and still is, a category four hurricane. 

Matthew is still making a northward turn that will bring it over Jamaica, clipping both Haiti and Cuba. From there, Matthew will impact the Bahamas and come very close to the east coast. There is still some uncertainty on how close it will make it to the east coast, but models are agreeing on next weekends front helping push Matthew back out into the Atlantic right now.

Stay posted with us on any updates.

Reggie Roakes

WVUA 23 News


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