Temperatures On The Rise…Tropics Update…8:25 p.m.

Good Saturday evening! It was yet another great day weather wise across central Alabama. There was still a hint of Fall-like weather this afternoon, but temperatures were a little mild compared to past days. Tonight, the few clouds left over from this afternoon will break down and skies will clear out: clear skies and dry air tonight will allow temperatures to drop back down into the mid 50’s, making for a cool evening.

Tomorrow closes off the weekend very similar to today with lots of sun and a few clouds in the afternoon. The difference will be with temperatures. Highs tomorrow will be warmer tomorrow than they were today, taking away the Fall like feel because of how mild it will feel; conditions tomorrow will still be very tolerable.

The coming work week looks to warm up even more, into the upper 80’s. Some areas in southern central Alabama by Wednesday may even see highs around 90 degrees. Despite the warmer weather, there will still be lots of sunshine to go around. Thursday the high pressure ridging that has been keeping us dry will weaken some, allowing a few extra clouds in.

Next weekend a weak front looks to bring a slight cool down and reinforce dry air across Alabama. A few very isolated showers may be possible in far northern Alabama.

Hurricane Matthew continues to remain a category four hurricane this evening. Over the past couple of hours, the system has finally started to make a northward path shift. Over the coming hours, Matthew will stay around the same strength as it continues to make its northward shift as it meets with a trough moving through the Guld of Mexico. Once it finishes turning, Matthew will keep moving northward, over the Greater Antilles where numerous watches and warnings have been posted.

After passing over the Greater Antilles, there is still some low confidence with the system’s future. Models are wanting to weaken Matthew; however, it has more than certainly defied the odds on how fast it intensified the past couple of days. Models right now are wanting to bring Matthew down to a category two strength, but from past couple of days, it may not be that big of a surprise if it only weakens slightly. Models are also in disagreement on how close Matthew will come to the east coast and how soon it will move out into the Atlantic. Generally, there currently doesn’t appear to be any major U.S impacts projected.

Keep posted on any changes that will likely take place here with us.
Reggie Roakes

WVUA 23 News


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