Matthew Back Down to Cat. 4 Hurricane…Tropics Update 10/1/16 8:35 a.m.

Tropic Update.jpg

Hurricane Matthew is still an impressive storm this morning, after becoming the first category five hurricane in the Atlantic since 2007. Since last night though, some weakening has taken place as an area of westwardly blowing air is sliding in, underneath Matthew causing some shear. Because of that shear, Matthew has weakened some, bringing it back down to a category four hurricane.

Models are still showing a northward shift in the next twenty-four hours that will bring Matthew over the Greater Antilles and into the Atlantic. From there models are indecisive on how close Matthew will come to the U.S. The general census as of now is that there will be no direct impact; however, strength projections show that Matthew will be a category two hurricane when it is close to the east coast, likely meaning effects like showers, storms, choppy seas, and even some surge will still be reaching the east coast.

Stay posted with us on current updates!

Reggie Roakes

WVUA 23 News


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