Hot Days Continue… Less Humid/Cooler Nights… Monday Forecast Update – 4:30pm #alwx @wvua23

7 Day Forecast - Offset Lows - PM.png

Good Monday afternoon! The summer heat continues to bake us this afternoon, with all of west and central Alabama reporting lower 90s. Dewpoints are beginning to drop, which will be a nice trend over the next few days. A decent late summer upper air trough digging to our northeast and a weak surface high to our north will help send slightly lower dewpoints into Alabama this evening and will continue with us until Thursday, when dewpoints begin to increase again. Expect a quick drop in overnight temperatures, with a light to calm north breeze. All of our area will dip into the upper 60s overnight.

Tuesday through Thursday will feature plenty of sunshine, with hot afternoons and pleasant overnight hours. Highs will reach the lower 90s each afternoon, with lows in the upper 60s each night. Skies will remain mostly sunny and wind will remain light to calm. Thursday is the first official day of fall! Expect a high near 90, with increasing moisture.

Friday through the weekend will include more hot conditions. We’ll reach the lower 90s during the afternoon, with lows settling down into the lower 70s. With slightly higher dewpoints, conditions will feel a little more tropical once again.

In the Tropics, we have Tropical Storm Karl, with winds at 40mph in the central Atlantic, moving west northwest. Karl will turn north in a few days and will remain well east of the US. We’ll be watching this storm close for the potential nearby brush of Bermuda. Tropical Depression 13 has formed in the east Atlantic and should become a tropical storm soon. This system will likely turn north in a few days, remaining in the open Atlantic. The rest of the tropics are quiet, and I don’t expect a US land-falling type of storm in the next 7 days, however, the tropical season still has a little way to go before we’re in the all clear.

Tropical Info WIDE Multiple Storms.png

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Richard Scott
WVUA Chief Meteorologist
Twitter: RichardWVUA23
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