Dry Weather to Begin Work Week…Sunday Evening Update 9p.m.

Good Sunday evening! Today was a wild mixture rain, clouds and sun. Tonight the remaining showers across Alabama will gradually come to an end after losing the sun to gain energy from. Tomorrow comes high and dry with lots of sunshine in the afternoon, after some fog to start the morning, and highs warm up into the lower 90’s. 

Tuesday and Wednesday continue to stay dry thanks to high pressure ridging; Thursday, the first day of Fall, the high pressure starts to fade and moisture starts to flow back into Alabama bringing increased clouds for both Thursday and Friday, along with a small chance of a stray shower as well. Despite the arrival of clouds and rain, highs will still be hanging on in the low 90’s. Because of moisture flow being allowed back in, humidity will also be back up and conditions will feel very muggy.

Next weekend rain chances continue to increase thanks to small boundaries traveling ahead of a cold front that’s set to arrive late in the weekend, into the beginning of next work week.

Tropical depression Julia continues to slowly track northwest towards the east coast because of a high pressure system helping steer it from the tropical system’s northeast. Julia will likely strengthen just a smidge overnight before making landfall again tomorrow, where it will lose strength since it’ll be on land. After landfall, Julia will stall just on shore before eventually burning out of energy and breaking down.

Tropical storm Karl is continuing to track northwest around 40-50mph.  Despite being in water with very little shear, the tropical system is struggling to rapidly grow because of upper level dry air that’s no good for a growing tropical storm. Because of the dry air aloft, growth will be very slow over the coming days. Karl will likely not be a hurricane until at least the middle of this coming week. As the storm approaches the U.S, a front that will be passsing through the southeast next week will move off shore and start to steer Karl back out into the Atlantic. Eyes will continue to be kept on this system to see if this current projection will hold true and keep it in the Atlantic. 

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Reggie Roakes

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