Gloomy End to Weekend…Saturday Evening Update 7:10 p.m.

Good Saturday evening! Talk about a gloomy day: clouds quickly filled in this morning, first in west Alabama, and numerous showers and some isolated storms have developed throughout today. This evening we will watch the rain come to an end, the same way it developed this morning: west to east. Tomorrow, Sunday, will be similar to today thanks to the front still trying to push through. Showers will start in the west early and move east through the day. Areas in west Alabama will likely start to dry out late in the afternoon. 

Monday will kick the work week off high and dry. Temperatures will warm into the lower 90’s, but with lower humidity brought by the drier air carried by the front, conditions will be more tolerable. Much of next work week will be like Monday, until Thursday. Thursday, the high pressure that will hold moisture out moves northeast, opening the door for humid air to flow back in to central Alabama, providing the chance for a stray shower to develop Thursday or Friday. 

Next weekend another front looks to make its way into Alabama, bringing with it the next real opportunity for rain. Highs will stay in the low 90’s for most of the weekend until the front passes.

A center of high pressure in the far western Atlantic, north of Julia, will continue to shift northeast, which will have effects on tropical depression Julia. As of now, the high pressure is bringing large levels of shear to Julia since it is currently positioned so close to Julia. As the high’s center moves further out into the Atlantic, it will start to push Julia into the east coast. Julia is expected to remain a tropical depression until it makes impact with North and South Carolina’s coast.

Tropical Storm Karl will continue to slowly strengthen as it progresses west northwest over the coming days. By the middle of next work week, roughly Wednesday or Thursday, Karl will likely strengthen enough to be classified as a hurricane. As the system approaches the east coast, models are under debate on how close the system will get to the United States. Models are having trouble deciding whether a high pressure center will develop in the east coast that will help push Karl back out into the Atlantic. All that said, eyes will be staying in Karl for the coming days.

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