Summer Pattern Holds Strong; Cooler Weekend.

Sevenday_640 (3).JPG

The weather outside has been pretty nice across west Alabama this Sunday, at least north of I-20. South of I-20, a few scattered showers and storms developed this afternoon. They havent moved much, though, and so rain chances for spots along and north of I-20 will remain slim for the rest of the day. Rain should be coming to an end overnight, and temperatures will drop to near 70 for overnight lows. DMA_640 (1).gif

For the rest of the work week, temperatures will top out in the low 90s. A few widely scattered storms will be possible each day, but a majority of us will stay dry through the work week. We see slightly more unsettled weather this weekend with another cool front making its way through the state. Rain chances will be a bit higher, and temperatures will be a bit lower to end your week this week.


A quick look at the tropics: The National Hurricane Center is monitoring two systems in the Atlantic Basin. The first system, located near the Bahamas, is struggling to organize, and appears unlikely to develop into anything significant. We will keep an eye on it, but it is in a fairly inhospitable environment. In the open Atlantic, a fairly impressive system is trying to organize into a tropical storm, and likely will fairly soon. This storm is one for the fishes though. It does not pose any threat to us here on the Gulf Coast.


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Alex Puckett

Weekend Weather Anchor



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