Isolated Showers to Start Work Week, but Drier…Sunday Evening Update 6:45p.m.

Another batch of showers and storms are wrapping up slowly for central Alabama. The good news today is that a few areas avoided the rain for a dry end to the weekend. Tonight the showers and storms remaining will gradually come to an end, though a few clouds will stick around overnight. Tomorrow kicks off the work week with news many might appreciate…drier weather! Today’s front will help stabilize conditions here in center also Alabama, providing harder opportunities for shower and storm development; unfortunately, some will still catch a little rain during the day. The greatest chance for showers and storms to develop will be south of the I-20 line.

Monday is the only day that brings the opportunity for rain during the work week. Tuesday and Wednesday continue to hold the opportunity for showers and storms to develop, but rain opportunities continue to remain very low. With the decrease in rain chances, temperatures will be back on the rise and some areas will start to see temperatures approach the mid 90’s. By the end of the work, rain chances will further decrease so just the chance of a very isolated shower or storm, but temperatures will continue to climb back to what many would expect for central Alabama at the end of August.

Next weekend looks to keep the chance for showers and storms to widely develop, but many should remain dry. The difficult part will be dealing with the very hot temperatures that will be returning.

Turning to the tropics:

Tropical Storm Fiona is continue to track northwest in the Atlantic. Fiona is starting to weaken because the system is moving into very unfavorable conditions for development. In the coming days, Fiona will continue to weaken as it starts to make a more northward track.

Currently there are two un-named systems in the Atlantic. The system highlighted in orange is the one many, including us, are keeping eyes on. The system is currently having lots of difficult developing because of unfavorable conditions such as strong upper level winds and dry air, but the worry is what might happen when it enters into more favorable waters close to the Lesser and Greater Antilles. In the past twenty-four hours, trends are starting to show a northwestern track that may keep it out of the Gulf, but may result in an East Coast impact. There are still several days to watch the system so we will be keeping eyes on it. The other low, highlighted in red, is in much favorable conditions to strengthen, but will make a stronger, northern track that should keep it from making a U.S impact.

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