More Storms to Finish the Weekend…Saturday Evening Update 6:10 p.m.

Good Saturday evening! Clouds have remained very scattered today, with numerous showers and storms developing in the afternoon. The rain has been helpful today at keeping temperatures down, in the upper 80’s. Tonight showers and storms will gradually come to an end, with a few storms sticking around overnight. Sunday morning starts similar to Saturday with more showers and storms developing in the afternoon.

Monday starts the work week off with something many might like…drier weather! An airmass with low moisture content moves in late Sunday, early Monday, that will limit rain development Monday and keep Tuesday dry.

Wednesday the pocket of dry air weakens and moisture moves back into the area, meaning showers and storms return once again. Moisture availability will be lower than like what we’ve seen this weekend, meaning shower and storms amounts will be less.

Next weekend right now looks to try and become dry, but a few pop-up showers and possible storms look to try and stay in the forecast for now.
Looking at the tropics, the current developed system, Tropical Storm Fiona, is continuing to track through the Atlantic. Conditions in the Atlantic are very harsh right now for tropical systems because of dry air and areas of shear. The storm will continue to track northwest, and eventually start to make a more northward turn. Right now with current movement, no U.S impacts are expected with the storms current projection.

Two other systems are developing in the Atlantic right now:

The first, pictured in Orange, looks to have the greatest chance for U.S impact. The good news right now is that growth is very restricted because of the harsh conditions in the Atlantic. However, there are much more favorable conditions closer to the United States, and in the Gulf to aid in growth once the system gets closer. There is still lots of time to watch the system and make decisions on what the system will try and do.

The second system, highlighted in red, is in more favorable conditions being in the far eastern section of the Atlantic, but growth will be no alarm for any in the Western Hemisphere because it will gradually track west, and then start to be pushed northward.

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