Stormy Afternoons This Weekend…Friday Evening Update 4:30p.m.


Good Friday evening! Some across central Alabama caught a shower or storm this afternoon, while others have remained dry, though with some clouds for a large portion of the day. Tonight we hang on to a few of the clouds as temperatures drop into the mid 70’s. Then, starting off the weekend, some clouds hang around into the morning to start Saturday off, before more showers and storms develop in the afternoon and temperatures warm back up into the low 90’s.

The rest of the weekend will keep this trend of low 90’s for highs and mid 70’s for lows at night while showers and storms develop in the afternoons and end early in the evenings. Storms will be scattered, so don’t expect a total washout every day, but do expect some locally heavy downpours for the ares that do get rain.

Next work week temperatures continue to rise as rain chances slowly decrease. We will see heat indices return back to values above 100°, so stay cool if you’ll be working outdoors. Areas that catch showers or storms next week will get some relief from the thanks to the rain.


Currently in the tropics, two systems are being watched. The first tropical wave, highlighted in yellow and located about 1100 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, is moving westward at 20-25 mph. The associated shower activity is poorly organized, and given the fast motion of the system any development should be slow to occur. Regardless of
development, this system will likely bring showers and gusty winds to portions of the Leeward Islands, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the eastern Caribbean Sea during the weekend. By the middle of next week, the wave is expected to be in the western Caribbean Sea, where conditions could be more conducive for development. The second tropical wave,  centered a couple of hundred miles south of the Cabo Verde Islands, continues to show signs of organization. However, recent satellite wind data indicate that the low does not have a well-defined circulation. Some development is possible during the next day or two before the disturbance encounters a less favorable environment over the central tropical Atlantic early next week.

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