More Scattered Showers And Storms Ahead…Sunday Forecast Update – 7:00 PM @wvua23 #alwx

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A good Sunday evening to everybody! It is 6:44 PM as I type this update and over the past hour or two we have seen a drying trend across the viewing area as the scattered showers and storms from this afternoon are gradually dying down. Below you can see the latest radar imagery and just about the only activity showing up is over northern Tuscaloosa county as well as parts of Marion county. Expect the vast majority of the remaining showers and storms to dissipate within the next couple hours.

DMA_640 (3).gif

TONIGHT: Once again over the next couple hours expect most of the wet weather to be done for the night. Generally we will see a mostly clear to partly cloudy sky with overnight lows in the middle 70s.

TOMORROW: A ridge remains in place over much of the area and we will once again see relatively hot afternoon highs in the low to mid 90s. Some lucky areas will see some minor relief from the heat in the form of scattered showers and storms tomorrow, although widespread coverage is not expected with the chance of rain near 30 percent.

MINOR CHANGES APPROACHING MID-WEEK: Still little changes in the forecast through Tuesday with afternoon highs in the low to mid 90s with the chance of rain near 30 percent. By Wednesday though it looks like we could see some minor changes as the ridge overhead begins to break down slightly and rain chances increase. In turn afternoon highs dip slightly in to the low 90s.

AN EARLY LOOK AT THE WEEKEND: An early look at the weekend shows increased rain chances around 40 or 50 percent with afternoon highs in the lower 90s. This forecast looks slightly more promising for central Alabama as we are still experiencing moderate to severe drought in many areas.



THE TROPICS: The gulf and the Atlantic remain quite, meanwhile, in addition to tropical storm Frank we now have category 1 hurricane Georgette in the eastern north Pacific. Neither storm will be a threat to the mainland United States. Also of note tropical storm Darby is continuing to impact the Hawaiian islands.

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Hope you can join me on the news tonight at 10!

Hunter Williams




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