Storms Again for Sunday, and Beginning of Work Week…Saturday Evening Update, 8:30 p.m.

Good Saturday evening! Things started hot this morning, and sunny for most, but things quickly changed by noon for most. The trough began to move into central Alabama and brought with it numerous showers and storms for many the remainder of the day. A few storms did become severe, producing very strong winds and even some hail. Much of the storms are still trying to hang on, but they will continue to weaken going into tonight. Some will last into the early morning hours, just after midnight.

Tomorrow morning will start very similar to today’s with some sunshine, letting things warm up before showers and numerous storms arrive again in the afternoon; that said, stick with us tomorrow to stay posted on any strong storms that may develop. 

Monday starts off the work week still with the stalled trough restating over Alabama, providing the necessary ingredients to get numerous showers and storms to develop again in the afternoon. Along with the rain, temperatures will continue to remain very warm and conditions will still feel very humid and muggy. Tuesday the trough weakens dramatically and rain chances finally decrease; however, the remain ingredients from the trough will still provide the opportunity for pop-up showers and storms to develop in the afternoon for the remainder of the work week. With lower rain chances, cloud cover during the day will decrease, allowing for more daytime heating to take place, meaning temperatures will be back on the rise.

Next Weekend the trough continues to weaken, meaning lower rain chances, but a few stray storms and showers will still pop-up. Expect next weekend to be very hot again as rain chances decreases.

The tropics currently remain calm…

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