Hot Work Week Ahead…Saturday Evening Update 7:50p.m.


Good Saturday evening! The weather this Saturday turned out very nice for most, except the few on the far eastern side of the state that caught a few sprinkles early today. Here in west Alabama conditions stayed mostly clear and temperatures were very nice in the lower 80’s, accompanied by a decent breeze. Tonight, skies will continue to remain mostly clear as temperatures drop into the upper 50’s in the Tuscaloosa area, while others further north could see temperatures in the lower 50’s, easily. Then, for the day Sunday, conditions will remain similar to today’s, but temperatures will be slightly warmer. In fact, over the next week we will see a gradual warming trend taking place.

Monday will start off the work week staying dry as temperatures continue to warm and skies continue to remain mostly clear. Then, starting Tuesday, humidity will start to increase as winds change to a southerly flow bringing in warmer, moister air from the Gulf. The further increase in temperature combined with available moisture in the air will provide the opportunity for a few very isolated showers Tuesday.

Wednesday of next work week will hold a greater opportunity of scattered shower and storm development throughout central Alabama. After Wednesday, conditions will continue to remain humid as showers and storms pop-up in the afternoons from the daytime heating.

Friday and next weekend look like they will have a greater amount of available cloud cover, along with the isolated showers and storms sticking around; with those additional clouds, temperatures will be slightly cooler thanks to a little extra sunlight being blocked out.

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Reggie Roakes
Twitter: MetRoakes
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